Ma collection

Fin juillet 2019, ma collection de jeux Switch comprenait plus de 450 titres, dont plus de la moitié au format physique. Vous verrez certainement des jeux en double dans la liste ci-dessous : il s’agit tout simplement des jeux que je possède en physique et en dématérialisé.

11-2 Switch 
23D Minigolf 
388 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition 
4911 OperatorDemat
5A.O.T. 2 (Attack On Titan) 
6A.O.T. 2 (Attack On Titan) : Final Battle 
7Aaero – Complete EditionDemat
8Aces of the Luftwaffe : Squadron – Extended Edition 
9Achtung ! Cthulhu TacticsDemat
10All-Star Fruit Racing 
11Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition 
12Another WorldDemat
13Another World 
14Aragami – Shadow Edition 
15Arena Of ValorDemat
16ARK: Survival Evolved 
19Assassin’s Creed III Remastered 
20Astérix & Obélix XXL 2 
21Astro BearsDemat
22Astro Bears PartyDemat
23At Sundown : Shots In The DarkDemat
24Atari Flashback Classics 
25Atelier Lulua : The Scion of Arland 
26Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
27AWAY : Journey To The UnexpectedDemat
28Axiom Verge 
29BAFL – Brakes Are For LosersDemat
31Batman : The Telltale Series 
32Battle Chasers : Nightwar 
33Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe 
35Bayonetta 2 
36Bedtime BluesDemat
37Ben 10 
38Bendy and the Ink Machine 
39Big Buck Hunter Arcade 
40Blade Strangers 
41Blaster Master ZeroDemat
42BlazBlue Cross Tag BattleDemat
43Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 
44Blossom Tales : The Sleeping KingDemat
45Bomb Chicken 
46Bomber Crew – Complete Edition 
47Braveland TrilogyDemat
51Broken Age 
52Candle : The Power Of The Flame 
53Captain Toad : Treasure Tracker 
54Carnival : Fête Foraine 
55Cars 3: Course vers la victoire 
56Cartoon Network : Battle Crashers 
57Castle of HeartDemat
58Castlevania Anniversary CollectionDemat
59Cat Quest 
60Cave Story+ 
62Caveman Warriors – Deluxe Edition 
63Child Of Light – Ultimate Edition 
64Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every BUDDY 
65Constructor Plus 
66Cosmic Star Heroine 
67Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 
68Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled 
69Crypt Of The NecroDancer – Nintendo Switch EditionDemat
70Crystal Crisis 
71Danmaku Unlimited 3 
72Dark Souls Remastered 
73Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition 
74Darksiders : Warmastered Edition 
75De Blob 
76De Blob 2 
77Dead Cells 
78Dead In Vinland : True Viking EditionDemat
79Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet 
80Degrees of SeparationDemat
81Diablo 3 : Eternal Collection 
82Dimension Drive 
83Disgaea 1 Complete 
84Disgaea 5 Complete 
85Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze 
87DOOM (1993)Demat
88DOOM 3Demat
89DOOM II (Classic)Demat
90Dragon Ball FighterZ 
91Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 
92Dragon Ball Z: Super Butôden [JAP]Demat
93Dragon Quest Builders 
94Dragon Quest Builders 2 
95Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen 
96Dragons : L’Aube des Nouveaux Cavaliers 
97Dungeon RushersDemat
98Dust : An Elysian Tail 
100Enter The GungeonDemat
101Everspace: Stellar Edition 
102Evoland Legendary EditionDemat
103Fairune Collection 
104Fallout ShelterDemat
105Fast RMXDemat
106Fear Effect : SednaDemat
107Feudal AlloyDemat
108FIFA 18 
109FIFA 19 
111Final Fantasy IXDemat
112Final Fantasy VIIDemat
113Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster 
114Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age 
115Final Fantasy XV : Pocket Edition HDDemat
116Fire Emblem Warriors 
117Fire Emblem: Three Houses 
118Fitness Boxing 
119Flashback : 25th Anniversary 
121Flipping Death 
123Fox N Forests 
124Frederic 2: Evil Strikes BackDemat
126Furi – Definitive Edition 
127Gal Metal : World Tour Edition 
128Gal*Gun 2 
129Galak-Z : The Void – Deluxe EditionDemat
130Gear Club Unlimited 
131Geki Yaba Runner – Anniversary EditionDemat
132Gems Of WarDemat
133Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition 
134Go Vacation 
135God Wars : The Complete Legend 
137Golem GatesDemat
138Golf Story 
139Gone Home 
140Grim Fandango RemasteredDemat
143Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionDemat
144Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack 
145Happy Bithdays 
146Harvest Moon : Lumière d’espoir – Edition Spéciale 
147Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio Friends 
148Hob : The Definitive EditionDemat
150Hollow KnightDemat
151Hollow Knight 
152Horizon Chase TurboDemat
153Hotel Transylvania 3 : Des Monstres à La Mer 
154Human : Fall Flat 
155Hyper SentinelDemat
156Hyrule Warriors – Definitive Edition 
157I Am Setsuna 
160Immortal RedneckDemat
161Implosion : Never Lose HopeDemat
162Into The BreachDemat
163Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf 
164Jotun : Valhalla EditionDemat
165Just Dance 2017 
166Just Dance 2018 
167Just Dance 2019 
169Katamari Damacy Reroll 
170Katana ZERODemat
171Kingdom : New Lands 
172Kirby Star Allies 
173Kitten SquadDemat
174Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition 
175Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition 
176Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa 
177La Grande Aventure LEGO 2: Le jeu vidéo 
178LA Noire 
179La Pat’ Patrouille en mission 
180Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk 
181Layers Of Fear : Legacy 
182Legendary Fishing 
183LEGO City Undercover 
184LEGO Les Indestructibles 
185Les Chevaliers de Baphomet 5 : La Malédiction du Serpent 
186Let’s Sing 2018 : Hits Français et InternationauxDemat
187Let’s Sing 2018 : Hits Français et Internationaux 
188Let’s Sing 2019 : Hits Français et InternationauxDemat
189Let’s Sing 2019 : Hits Français et Internationaux 
190Lichtspeer – Double Speer EditionDemat
191Little Dragons Café 
192Little Nightmares – Complete Edition 
193Lost In HarmonyDemat
194Lost Phone StoriesDemat
195Lost Sphear
196Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
197Lumines RemasteredDemat
200Mana SparkDemat
201Mario + The Lapins Crétins : Kingdom Battle
202Mario + The Lapins Crétins : Kingdom BattleDemat
203Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
204Mario Tennis Aces
205Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredDemat
206Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 : The Black Order
207Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
208Mecho TalesDemat
209Mega Man 11
210Mega Man Legacy CollectionDemat
211Mega Man Legacy Collection Vol. 2Demat
213Mercenary Kings – Reloaded Edition
214Mighty Gunvolt BurstDemat
216Minecraft: Story Mode – Saison 2
217Modern Combat : BlackoutDemat
218Monopoly Switch
219Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom
220Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
221Monster Jam : Crush It
222Monster SlayersDemat
224Mortal Kombat 11
225Moto Racer 4
226Mutant Football League – Dynasty Edition
227Mutant Mudds CollectionDemat
228Mutant Mudds Collection
229My Hero One’s Justice
230My Memory Of UsDemat
231My Time in Portia
232N++ : Ultimate Edition
233NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
234NBA 2K18
235NBA Playgrounds – Enhanced EditionDemat
236Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists : Ateliers of the New World
237Neo Atlas 1469
238New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
239Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition
240Nightmare Boy 
241Nights of Azure 2 : Bride of the New Moon
242Nine ParchmentsDemat
243Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Multi-Kit
244Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Kit Robot
245Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03 Kit Véhicules
246Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 Kit VR
247Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasDemat
248Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
249Octopath Traveler
250Okami HD
251Old Man’s Journey
252One Piece : Pirate Warriors 3 – Deluxe Edition
253One StrikeDemat
254Onimusha : Warlords
255Outlast – Bundle of Terror
256Outlast 2
257Overcooked : Special Edition
258Overcooked 2
262Panda Hero
264Pato Box
266Picross SDemat
267Pilot Sports
268Pirates : All AboardDemat
270Pixel Junk Monsters 2
271Plague RoadDemat
272Pocket RumbleDemat
273POI : Explorer Edition
274Pokémon Let’s Go : Evoli
275Pokémon Let’s Go : Pikachu
276Pokémon QuestDemat
277Pokken Tournament DX
278Project Highrise – Architect’s Edition
279Psyvariar Delta
280Puyo Puyo Tetris
281Q.U.B.E. 2
282R-Type Dimensions EX
283Rad Rodgers – Radical Edition
284Raging Justice
285Rapala Fishing : Pro Series
286Rayman Legends – Definitive Edition
287Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
288Redeemer : Enhanced EditionDemat
289Redeemer : Enhanced Edition
290Regalia : Of Men And Monarchs – Royal EditionDemat
291Retro City Rampage DX
292Reverie – Sweet As Edition
294Riot: Civil Unrest
297Rocket LeagueDemat
298Rogue AcesDemat
299Runbow – Deluxe Edition
301Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package
302Salt And Sanctuary – Drowned Tome Edition
303Saturday Morning RPG
304Save Me Mr TakoDemat
305Scribblenauts Showdown
306Secret Files : TunguskaDemat
307SEGA AGES Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldDemat
308SEGA AGES Out RunDemat
309SEGA Ages Phantasy StarDemat
310SEGA AGES Sonic The HedgehogDemat
311SEGA AGES Thunder Force IVDemat
312SEGA Mega Drive Classics
313Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
314Shantae: Half-Genie HeroDemat
315Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Ultimate Edition
316Shaq Fu : A Legend Reborn
317Shaq Fu : A Legend RebornDemat
318Shelter Generations
319Shikhondo : Soul Eater
320Shining Resonance RefrainDemat
321Shovel Knight : Treasure TroveDemat
322Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
324Sine Mora EX
325Slain : Back From Hell
326Slime-San : Superslime Edition
327Snake PassDemat
328Snake Pass
329Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
330Snipperclips Plus: Les deux font la paire
331SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
332SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
333Soldam : Drop, Connect, Erase
334Soldats Inconnus – Mémoire de la Grande Guerre
335Sonic Forces
336Sonic ManiaDemat
337Sonic Mania Plus
338South Park : L’Annale du Destin
339Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
340Splatoon 2
341Sports Party
342Squids OdysseyDemat
343Stardew ValleyDemat
344Starlink : Battle For Atlas
345Starlink : Battle For AtlasDemat
346State Of Mind
347SteamWorld DigDemat
348SteamWorld Dig 2Demat
349SteamWorld Dig 2
350SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate EditionDemat
351Steredenn : Binary Stars
352Stern Pinball Arcade
353Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
354Strike Suit Zero : Director’s CutDemat
355Sundered : Eldritch EditionDemat
356Super Bomberman R
357Super Chariot
358Super Dragon Ball Heroes : World Mission
359Super Mario Maker 2
360Super Mario Odyssey
361Super Mario Party
362Super Meat BoyDemat
363Super SidekicksDemat
364Super Smash Bros Ultimate
365Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
366Swords & SoldiersDemat
368Syberia 2
369Syberia 3
370Taiko no Tatsujin Drum’n’Fun
371Tales of Vesperia – Definitive Edition
372Team Sonic Racing
373Tetra’s EscapeDemat
374Tetris 99Demat
375The Adventure Pals – Collectors Edition
376The Banner Saga Trilogy
377The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+
378The BridgeDemat
379The Caligula Effect : Overdose
380The Coma : Recrut
381The Count Lucanor
382The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
383The End Is Nigh
384The Escapists – Complete Edition
385The Escapists 2
386The FallDemat
387The Flame In The Flood – Complete Edition
388The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
389The Longest Five Minutes
390The Lost ChildDemat
391The Lost Child
392The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of MemoriesDemat
393The MoosemanDemat
394The Next PenelopeDemat
395The Princess Guide
396The Raven Remastered
397The Voice: La plus belle voix – Le jeu vidéo officiel
398The Walking Dead: The Final Season
399The Way RemasteredDemat
400The World Ends With You – Final Remix
401Thimbleweed Park
402This is the Police
403This is the Police 2
404This War Of Mine – Complete Edition
406Timberland VSDemat
407Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL
408Titan Quest
409Toby : The Secret MineDemat
410ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove !
412Tokyo School Life
413Touhou Kobuto V : Burst Battle
417Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes
418Trials Rising
419Troll And I
421Ultra Street Fighter II : The Final Challengers
422Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure
423Uncanny ValleyDemat
425UnExplored – Unlocked EditionDemat
426Unravel Two
427Urban Trial Playground
428Valkyria ChroniclesDemat
429Valkyria Chronicles 4
430Vegas Party
431Velocity 2XDemat
432Velocity 2X
433Victor Vran : Overkill Edition
435West Of Loathing
436Wild Guns Reloaded 
437Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus
438Wonder Boy : The Dragon’s TrapDemat
439Wonder Boy : The Dragon’s Trap
440World Of Final Fantasy Maxima
441Worms W.M.D.
443WWE 2K18
444Xenoblade Chronicles 2
445Xenoblade Chronicles 2 : Torna The Golden Country
446Xenon Valkyrie+Demat
448Yesterday Origins
449Yoku’s Island Express
450Yomawari – The Long Night Collection
451Yonder : The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
453Yoshi’s Crafted World
454Ys VIII : Lacrimosa Of Dana – Adventurer’s Edition
455Zen Pinball FX3Demat